How to Track Your Online Order

Once you place an order, you will receive an order confirmation email, which includes a link titled View Order Status

Order Confirmation Email 2.png

You will receive the confirmation email from RT Parks, Inc DBA LoneStar Team Gear. 

  1.  Select View Order Status to track the items in your order

  2. Once you select this, it will show the Fulfillment Status of each item in your order

  3. See below to review what each one means

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Order Confirmation Email 3.png

Fulfillment Statuses:
1. New - we have not yet processed the order. we process orders during business hours, first thing each morning.
2. Backordered - the item you ordered is on backorder. this means it is out of stock at our warehouse and on order. we will email you the estimated time of arrival (ETA).
3. At Printer - the item you ordered is in stock but needs to be embroidered/printed. embroidery will take about 1 week and screen printing takes about 2-3 weeks. 
4. Partial - you have ordered more than one of the same item and we ran out of stock of that item. we will email you the ETA of the item that is out of stock. 
5. Complete - the item has been filled and will soon be yours by means of however you chose to collect your order - ship to home or pick-up.

If you still have questions regarding the status of your order, email us with your order #. Thank you!